Vernan Bringas' Journal

Vernan Bringas’ Journal:

1.) Count Sigfinnir withdrew the majority of the militia from Trondelag last night. A lot of people around here are getting worried. It’s not so much that the Labyrinth is so near to here, it’s just that with so many men away for the war… who knows what could happen if any of those damned Goblins decide they’re tired of scrub oaks?

2.) The border stations are reporting that they’ve seen patrols of subhumans on the edges of the Wilderness. Not a good time; I had to deal with three of the cows giving birth yesterday and that just about took all I could give. There’s too much work and not enough hands around here. I hope we can get some news about the war out here sometime soon, I’ll be glad when all this mess is over.

3.) Haven’t heard anything from the border stations in a while. Caravans keep leaving from Trondelag to supply them, so that’s a good sign. But I wonder what was causing all the fuss? Dark days, these.

4.) Thorgen said he heard wolves last night. That’s odd. We haven’t had an issue with wolves in a long time. I had Haan take a look at the cattle and the goats, but he said nothing was missing, so I don’t know. Starting to run low on a few things, so I’m gonna send him and Faergen to Trondelag tomorrow.

5.) My brothers got back tonight with some terrible news. They’re saying the border stations are overrun, nobody knows by what. The Count’s called up what remains of the militia, but I’ve told everyone they need to remain here. I’ll grab my gear and head out tomorrow. I know I’m not a praying man, but I’ll make sure I pour out my libations to Kord tonight.

6.) There are no words. My brothers and I have geared up as best we can, but I don’t know what in all the Hells we’re going to be able to do now. Trondelag fell last night as we were preparing to head out. Damn Uruks, I knew that nobody should have trusted them. Couple of the farms are banding together to try and put together a reargaurd. We don’t know if anyone else has made it out of the town, but we can’t worry about it now. I’ve told Hilde to start getting the children and the rest of the family ready, put them on the road to Helmsborg. I’ll be heading towards the Inderseir as soon as I can. If this is the last thing I ever write, then, well, I suppose it’s time I made my peace with everyone and everything. Pelor, watch my family.

The book ends.

Vernan Bringas' Journal

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