Items in Khan Kilbjaad's Study

Khan Kilbjaad’s Journal: The Khan here has been keeping a record of his time in this area, as evidenced by a journal in the desk. It’s fairly simply written, but it details him and his cadre finding this area about six months ago, then demanding reinforcements from a person or place called Graash’grubal. They then went about setting up this lair, and have been raiding ever since.

Train Schedules: There is a series of train schedules on the Khan’s shelves. This includes the one for the train that just left and crashed, and several of them (including the current one) are circled with red chalk.

Letter from Graash’grubal: There is a letter in Orcish from the “Khan of Grubal” (that’s all its signed by). It demands that Kilbjaad and his cadre go “far to the west” and begin raiding the settlements beyond Trondelag. It gives him access to a number of “Slaves”, but it doesn’t specify who those are.

Letter from the Union: Finally, and most importantly, there is a letter written on a fine piece of normal parchment. The seal on the parchment is that of the Rational Union! The text inside is coded, but there are scrawls in pencil chalk underneath where, apparently, the Khan decoded the message. It reads:


Urukkin are moving into the Trondelag Vale. Commence your operation. Whenever you find an opportunity, take it. Ensure that the Urukkin are suitably blamed. When you have achieved success, contact me. Inform me if any of the other et. All. accost you.

- P

Items in Khan Kilbjaad's Study

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