Automaton Control Book

Automaton Control Book for the Metal Guardian:
The introduction to this book states the following. It is all in Artemis’ handwriting.

“These are my notes for controlling my metal guardian. My work has required an assistant, but none of my apprentices are up to the level of discretion that I am comfortable with. Thus, I am forced to rely one made of gears and steel, not flesh and blood. And as I continue my work in the eternal night of these caverns, I must say that he is my only companion, my only friend.”

Here are the instructions.
Use the whistle in order to command him. The whistle combinations are noted before the description of the command they accomplish.

Whistle Command: Command:
Short Short Short Stop your current action.
Long Short Short Resume your previous action.
Short Short Long Follow me.
Long Short Long Maintain the room you are currently within.
Long Long Long Perform maintenance on yourself.
Long Long Short Crank the charge handle (this is for use in the Forge only!)
Short Long Short Defend yourself.
Short Long Long Defend me.
Short Short Long Long Long Replicate my action.

In order to add another authorized user, give six long bleets on the whistle. The guardian should relax his arms and stand up straight, with the eyes unblinking. Give the whistle to the new user, then perform two shorts and one long bleet (the same as for the command to “Follow Me”). The guardian should recognize the new user from that point forward without attacking.

Automaton Control Book

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