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Of Magic and the Machine

Listen to the sages of old, dear heart, as they weave the tales of Magic, its unbridled power, the boundless passions it inspires, the injustice it wreaks, its untold capacity for cruelty.
Listen, dear heart, to the enlightened as they reveal the nature of the Machine, the limitless possibilities it offers, the hope and prosperity it brings, its incapability of the simplest emotion, the cold and calculating devastation wrought to any in its path.
Listen and hear, for war is now upon us. The war to define the very nature of reality.

Welcome to D&D 5th Edition: A Steampunk Saga!
This particular campaign is “Of Magic and the Machine.” Six adventurers and their companions have sallied forth throughout the world of Aerasimaus, on their quest to discover the nature of existence. Whether one side triumphs, or reality itself is rebuilt, shall yet be determined!

This campaign site is intended to be both a reference for the existing campaign, as well as a resource for others seeking to run their own Steampunk D&D 5th Edition game!

For module differences from the core 5th Edition ruleset, please see This Section of the Wiki.
For campaign information, please see the “Of Magic and the Machine” Campaign Info.
For the current characters, see the Characters section (on the sidebar).
For the current adventure log, please see the Adventure Log section (on the sidebar).

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