A character that is Uncommitted doesn’t hold any real allegiance to either of the two social Ideologies, either Magic or Machine. Alternatively, he or she is a person that sees either as dangerous extremes, and actively works to balance the two. Still yet another belief is that both idealogies are not truly in conflict with one another, and both are necessary and even intertwined within one another in order to exist. Regardless, the Uncommitted do not support a side the current social struggles of Magic versus Machine, and prefer to relegate themselves to a third way. The only weakness in this position is that it prevents the person from truly appreciating or focusing upon the benefits that either position offers. The Uncommitted thus cannot become strong mages, nor are they very talented with technology.

Alignment Restrictions:
1.) Uncommitted may choose one aspect of High Technology, either Engineering or Alchemy, that they believe works. This aspect so chosen works without issue for the character, and the character may obtain proficiency in the associated Skill (either Engineering or Alchemy) if he or she so desires. The other aspect of High Technology does not work for the character, nor may the character obtain proficiency in the associated Skill. For example, then, an Uncommitted character that has chosen Alchemy as his or her aspect would be able to benefit from a Potion of Healing (an item of Alchemical High Technology), but would not be able to use a Heavy Rifle (an item of Engineering High Technology).
2.) Uncommitted may cast magic, and they can benefit from magic items.
3.) Uncommitted may belong to any of the weaker spell-casting classes (Paladins and Rangers), and they may take levels in those classes or may choose a spell-casting archetype (such as Eldritch Knight or Arcane Trickster). They may use any of the supernatural abilities provided by those classes as well.
4.) Uncommitted may not begin as a member of any of the stronger spell-casting classes (Bard, Cleric, Warlock, or Wizard), nor may they take levels in one of these classes.

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