A player that is a Magister believes that magic is the paragon of civilized society. It is the most powerful force in the universe, capable of reshaping reality. There are many thoughts on who can use magic, but it is a common belief that only those for whom the gift is given, or that have trained for its use, should be the ones that cast magic. For Magisters, magic is one with faith and propriety, for clergy and cloistered noblemen alike are usually those that can cast spells, and someone that seeks to change that order is usurping all the fundamental aspects of society. Because it is inherently stronger than technology, Magisters see magic as the quintessence of the universe that has the power to end all ills, provide the solutions for all problems, and ascend civilized society to a new plane of existence.

Alignment Restrictions:
1.) Magisters may not learn either the Engineering and Alchemy Skills.
2.) Magisters may not use any item of High Technology, nor may they benefit from equipping any item of High Technology. Items of High Technology that provide a positive benefit (such as Potions) automatically fail when used by a Magister.
3.) Magisters may cast magic, and they can benefit from magic items.
4.) Magisters may begin as a member of any spell-casting class, and they may take levels in any spell-casting class.

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