Class Changes

Class Changes

This page will indicate the classes that are playable and those that are prohibited. There will also be links to any information regarding changes to the classes reflective of what these rules present.

Prohibited Classes

The following classes are not allowed in this campaign setting.


The three above classes represent a more basal holdover of societal roles extant in pre-medieval cultures. With the industrial, technological, and modernist society in the World of Aerasimaus, these classes simply don’t have a social role – i.e., they have been superceded by other roles due to the progress of culture and simply aren’t in existence anymore. They were going obsolete during the middle ages, and by now, they are simply gone.

Given the Victorian, Eurasian-focused setting of this particular Steampunk world, the East Asian-influenced monk doesn’t fulfill a necessary role within this setting. However, martial arts is a common trope within many other Steampunk settings, so if a GM wishes to introduce the monk into their own setting using this ruleset, feel free to do so.

Allowed Classes

The following classes are allowed in this campaign setting. Click on each link to see any changes in the class due to alterations from the core D&D 5th Edition ruleset.

Bard: Reflecting the vaudeville and troubadour traditions, bards can be found just about everywhere across the world. Most people don’t even realize how strongly magical these performers actually are.

Cleric: These are the primary intercessors of divine power in the world, though the defeat of the Alliance – and the subsequent persecution of religious authority in many parts of the world – has reduced the influence of these high clergy across Aerasimaus.

Fighter: The most recent war has left a plethora of well-trained soldiers and mercenaries within all states. Fighters are a commonly-seen sight in most areas of the world.

Paladin: A dying tradition, but an extant one all the same, the role of the righteous fighter has been severely diminished with the defeat of the Alliance during the most recent war.

Ranger: Representing the frontier rifleman instead of the traditional archery forester, Rangers can be found as scouts and skirmishers across the wild areas of the world.

Rogue: There is always a demand for those knowing the underside of society, and Rogues fill this niche splendidly.

Warlock: Representing the Eldritch Investigator or Gentleman Occultist, Warlocks have a prominent place in the struggles of power across Aerasimaus.

Wizard: These arcanists are the students of trained magic, and traditionally associated themselves with countless orders and traditions. Now, however, most have been sidelined or force from their homes, and seek refuge in those places that still welcome the Magisters.

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Class Changes

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