Of Magic and the Machine

Fish in a barrel

It's hard to write in the darkness

[The writing in this entry is sometimes lopsided, with some words almost overlapping.]

Currently in a barrel. It smells and I may have definitely sat on something squishy I rather not know about. But I’m free…for now.

It all started when we got back from “Artemis’ Cave of horrible ways to die”. After what seemed like days dodging traps and horrible beasts we came up empty. I haven’t met this chick, but I hate her. I’m surely not the only one that does.

So we come back from this cave and the mansion is trashed. Furniture is flipped, doors are open and there ain’t a noise but our heartbeats. Courageously, I dash in to face whatever did this.

Inside the house, same thing. Nobody but us until someone fires off a darkness bubble. I ain’t afraid of the dark, but I rather not run into the couch so I run down a hallway. Meanwhile, m’Lord and Wynn casually stroll in and find one of the maids.

According to her they took everyone. “They” being the citizens guard. Apparently they want us to pay them a visit. They could’ve just left a message, if that’s all they wanted! Oy, they did…stuck to a knife on the front door. I’d say they don’t want to just have a chat.

We fixed up as best we could and next day they come back. “They” being dozens of the guard. Saying all they want to do is discuss what happened at the club the other night. But they don’t need to take us anywhere for that! Sensing danger, I courageously volunteered to stay behind and lead rescue efforts while the rest of the group went. So me, Antonia and the ladies hid in the basement.

It almost worked until the maid gave us out. Antonia got taken by the guard, leaving me with a maid, a princess and Loralel. So it’s all up to me to rescue the group.

Plan A is trying to contact that dwarf up in the guild hall. Maybe he can be convinced to find a way to free them…and then we lay low, maybe in that trap infested cave. Or leave! With the mansion destroyed I don’t think there’s anything tying us down.

Plan B is get Barry, cause a distraction and…rescue them somehow. Still working on that one.


robero777 Geolian

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