Of Magic and the Machine

Eight heads are better than five

It's over... for now

Hard to believe but… I think we are done with this stinking cave. Searching for this Artemis chick ran into:

  • Slime
  • Vampires
  • Skeletons (in the burly and skinny varieties)
  • Different slime that is somehow worse
  • Giant robots
  • Cloakers :[
  • Giant mushrooms
  • Half of the citizen’s guard
  • So… many… traps
  • A hydra

But, somehow, we yet live. That last one was no jest, no. I was stuck between a hydra and a hard place for most of the battle while everyone just went to town on it. And it could take a beating too. It was set on fire, got its heads cut off, shot, stabbed… I screamed really loud at it (tends to work with most things). It ended when Antonia fired a shot and it just dropped dead. Not very dramatic… but after being used as a chew toy, I’m fine with skipping the drama.

Despite going through all that we didn’t find Artemis. Well, maybe we did find some of her. No clue if she made it out alive by herself when we barely did with our group of hardened warriors. Last sign of her pointed West, towards the Labyrinth. Ominous, but any route out of Dalasmark sounds fantastic at this point.

Well, do excuse me while I start carving some hydra trophies. Is hydra meat a delicacy? Might as well stock up on that too…


robero777 Geolian

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